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Itinerary - Bali

Bali Sacred Pilgrimage for the Heart Itinerary

Organized by Anuradha (certified agent) Via TerraVoyage and ProTravel Network

Days 1 and 2:

Arrival in Bali (Denpasar Airport)
We will be travelling 1.5 hrs to reach our private center located in Ubud, Bali. Ubud (the cradle of Balinese culture) features not only the most artistically imaginitive sites on the entire island, but the most sacred sites as well. Balinese greeting reception, group meeting, and preparation for our two week adventure.

Day 3:

* Morning Ceremony
Pilgrimage within the scared forest of monkeys, a magical site in Bali. This forest is the refuge for monkeys (macaques) and also hosts ancient temples. We will go to the market to purchase traditional clothing required for visiting the temples. In the evening, we will attend a recital of Balinese dances at the Lotus of the Royal Temple.

Day 4:

* Morning Ceremony
Visiting the Elephant cave and an ancient Buddhist temple (offering, prayer, and stories about Ganesh). In the afternoon, bathing in the healing and purifying waters of a high-energy vortex, Tirta Empul. Exceptional baths with phenomenal architecture. In the evening, a workshop on manufacturing bowls for offerings (made of banana tree leaves) followed by a personal offering at the temple.

Day 5:

* Morning Ceremony
Preparation of suitcases for our stay at Shangrila Center located on Bali’s sea northern coast of the island. We will stop at Pura Ulun to admire the exceptional view of the volcanic lake, Danau Batur, and a view of the dormant volcano, Gurung Batur. Greeting of the group, followed by us visiting these magical sites as well as bathing in the sea. Shangrila is a truly enchanted site, a place that facilitates deep relaxation---a real vacation for the mind, body, and spirit!

Day 6:

* Morning Ceremony
Swimming in the Indian ocean, massages for all group members (4 people at a time); a day of deep relaxation. In the evening, a concert with flute and sacred chants.

Day 7:

* Morning Ceremony
Visiting the Gitgit Waterfall (White Dragon Waterfall), swimming, and exploration of the sites. In the evening, classes on ancient traditions with Anuradha.

Day 8:

Dolphin watch boat excursion. Viewing the sunrise above the Bali Sea and viewing the remote Bali Island while being rocked by the sea waves; absolutely outstanding! Visiting the Bondalem Temple for a ceremony (we will be wearing traditional Balinese clothing while in attendance).

Day 9:

* Morning Ceremony
Visiting the high-energy Buddhist temple (Brahma Wihara Arama). Meditation at the temple followed by therapeutic baths. In the evening, a Balinese dance class.

Day 10:

* Morning Ceremony followed by a pilgrimage and a swim at Whos Waterfall. Walking in the jungle with a native guide, as well as teachings on the various medicinal plants contained in the jungle. In the afternoon, Watsu baths, rebirth bath to revive ourselves. Massage for all members of the group. A day to put everything into practice, facilitating a connection with your inner self.

Day 11:

* Morning Ceremony
Departure for Ubud. We will stop by Singaraja to visit the magnificent botanical garden, Bali Kebun Rava. A walk in the gardens and visiting several of the sacred sites.

Day 12:

* Morning Ceremony
Elephant back riding expedition. Visiting an elephant sanctuary where will have a chance to play with and ride the elephants. In the evening, a concert and a recital of traditional Balinese dances and chants including the fire dance.

Days 13 and 14:

* Morning Ceremony
Group meeting, sharing of experiences, and resting at the center prior to the evening flight home.
Return to your home; beginning of a new life filled with bliss and love.


The * Morning Ceremonyprogram: japa yoga to keep the mind "in the present moment" throughout the journey. Sacred chants and exercises to harmonize the consciousness centers (chakras) and to discharge toxic energies preventing us from living in absolute joy and bliss.


Please note that this is an all-inclusive trip.

  • All night-time sleeping arrangements
  • 3 healthy vegetarian meals per day
  • All travels by minibus with driver
  • Entrance fees for each temple, which vary from $10 to $60 per person
    (We will be visiting more than 12 temples within this journey in Bali)
  • Two public concerts and one private concert
  • 2 massages (1 hour per person)
  • Dolphin watch excursion
  • We will certainly receive other presents!



  • Personal expenses
  • Travel insurance
  • Additional massages and spa fees/treatments
  • Cappuccino and fresh juices outside of our scheduled meal times


Anuradha has been planning pilgrimages to high-energy, sacred sites around the world for over 18 years. As a certified ProTravel agent, she works with only the best flight agencies worldwide. She has also been an instructor of yoga, dance, and sacred chants for over 16 years. Travel with confidence!


Bali is a cultural cradle filled with beauty and wisdom. It is connected to the Swadhisthana Chakra (creativity, beauty, and the water element) as well as the Ajna Chakra (3rd eye, the light) of the Earth planet. Should you desire to actualize a life filled with beauty, kindness, and love, this trip is for you. This journey acts as a springboard, providing you with a means to attract positive energies such as love and kindness. These energies are essential for establishing a life of harmony, both internally and externally. All of this is possible by visiting Bali. a place with a powerful vortex of amplified frequencies. What awaits you is a two-week dream-come-true, where you will be immersed within sacred beauty itself. Yes, love and twin souls are possible. The simple act of allowing love and kindness to enter deep within will subsequently lead to the emergence of those energies all around you.

All-inclusive, 2-week trip to Bali: $3,000.00 (USD) (This amount does not include airfare from your country to Denpasar, Bali)

*** The above price is for double occupancy / Additional charge for single occupancy ***


To register, please send an email to and include the following information:
1. Name: _____________________________
2. Address: ___________________________
3. Phone Number: ____________________________
4. Email: _____________________________
Upon receiving your email (with the above-mentioned information included), I will send you the registration form you must fill out and return along with your deposit.