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Preparation for Hawaii

Preparation for Hawaii

What to bring?

  • Rain Jacket for excursions into the rain forest
  • Bathing suit and beach towel (bath towels will be provided)
  • Soap + toilet kit
  • Flashlight and also one that attaches to your head (for caves and evening walks)
  • Water Sandals for walking in the water
  • Comfortable walking shoes – because we’ll be walking a lot.
  • A warm coat because we're going to the summit of Mount Mauna Kea (the coat you’ll travel with should be fine)
  • Comfortable pants and light sweater for morning Yoga sessions (it gets a little wet in January on the Hilo side)
  • Red socks for rooting exercises
  • Hat and sunscreen
  • A journal to record your experiences
  • A book to read
  • Earplugs (there are frogs that make a lot of noise at night)
  • I advise everyone to take natural products to support the immune system before and during the trip so you can absorb 100% this experience
  • Melatonin: take 3mg during the flight to help you sleep on the plane and arrive fresher Hawaii
  • I advise everyone to bring a meal with you on the plane you have the right and it causes you to eat the foods you love during the flight. I'll have snacks on arrival, but please note you will be arriving late in the evening.
  • A beautiful dress for your ceremony with Danny Akaka (for the ladies you can bring 2 beautiful dresses)
  • Bottle of water that you will be able to fill in the center with drinking water

Preparing your body for departure:

  • Eat roots and earth foods, like ginger, potato, carrots, and any other foods that help stay connected and rooted
  • Eat vegetarian foods as we will only be eating vegetarian
  • Exercise daily to prepare for long walks
  • Sing, pray and prepare your heart and conscience for a wonderful transformation!

Important Note

Please bring the balance of your money back into American dollars (new $ 100 bills) and I advise you to bring American money for your personal expenses (souvenir gifts) and also a credit card.

What to write on the immigration document returned in the U.S.:

Address and we will stay in the U.S.:
Kahuna Falls P.O. Box 312, Hakalau, HI 96710
Phone: 808-345-6424
Purpose of travel / purpose of trip: personal/pleasure

Travel insurance:

I always advise that people purchase travel insurance. I advise you to check with the credit card with which you purchased your ticket, as insurance is often included for travel (or your work).